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January 8, 2000-  The Icarus Line will be putting out a one sided 7".  The song featured will be "Kill cupid with a nail file."  The first 214 (February 14, valentines day) copies of the 7" will be on pink vinyl and will be given out at a valentines day show.  I will post the venue for the show soon.

October 20, 1999-  The Icarus Line/Ink & Dagger 7" is finished and will be released on New American Dream Records.  It will be available in stores soon.

October 20, 1999-  Slowgun records will be putting out the vinyl for "Red And Black Attack."

September 14, 1999- I added a guest book.  SIGN IT. its on the main page.

September 10, 1999- The Tour with Ink&Dagger and Bluebird is ON!  when i get the confirmed dates, ill post them.

August 20, 1999-  The Icarus Line are planing a west coast tour with Ink & Dagger and bluebird, but nothing is for sure.

August 20, 1999-  A few days ago i changed the whole look of the site.  Let me know what you think

August 15, 1999-  The Icarus Line have a new drummer.  Check out the members section to see who he is.

August 15, 1999- This month, the icarus line have an article in BUDDYHEAD.COM.  In this article you will find an interview, sounds, and a video of them playing at PCH club.  A must see.

August 3, 1999-  Mark Trombino (producer of the peechees, jimmy eat world, blink 182 and drummer of the epic Drive Like Jehu) has signed on to produce the upcoming icarus line record.  the band is very excited about working with him. Recording has been postponed due to line up changes and other setbacks but we will start recording in October sometime and the record will come out in jan 2000.

August 3, 1999-  I was wrong with the release date of red and black attack, its available at shows.  red and black attack's official store release date is august 10th, so after that you should be able to find the record nation wide.

August 3, 1999-  This site can now be located at

August 2, 1999- I added some lyrics.  More will be up soon.  To see the lyrics to to the discography section and click on the album cover.

June 7, 1999-  The Icarus Line have recorded two songs for a split 7" with Ink&Dagger.  This split 7" will be on New American Dream Records.  It should be out late august.

June 4, 1999-  Red And Black Attack is out!!!! go get it!

May 29, 1999-  The Icarus Line are working on a new full length record on New American Dream Records.  They are about half way through the writing process.  After they finish recording in July, They will most likely head off into another tour to promote "Red And Black Attack".  They will debut new songs on upcoming shows.

May 25, 1999-  The Icarus Line have a new cd/7" e.p. out on New American Dream Records called "RED AND BLACK ATTACK"  It should be out first week of June.  I will put it up in the discography section as soon as I get it.  The first 500 copies of the records will be clear with red (blood like) splattering.  Same recording session as the hellcat e.p. but way better songs, pushing the punk rock boundaries.