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1.  The Suicide Pact
One razor to our unknowing wrists.
One Length rope above our bed.
One drop of poison in our veins.
One last night with your face.
Please say yes.
She:  I want to die young, will you die with me?
He:  We've been over this plan too many times to stop now... sing your life away.
That little voice:  Cross your heart so we can break it.
Target practice on my mind.
Don't be later or you'll be sorry.
He: id swear on my last breath.

2.  Separate The Sounds
No one can take away this feeling.
Car crash in my dreams.
Maybe a martyr would understand.
The boys sing: we miss your smile and the warm way you waved goodbye!
Please let me understand why i feel like this constantly.
Constantly cold.
Singing to my self.
Never awake without you. never awake!
Trust me it wont hurt.
I want my friends back.

3. Last night all my teeth fell out
Too many days spent here.
I've two more before i start to decay.
Neck is swelling.
Time is draining.
Today i made up my mind.
Tired of the uphill climb?
Tired of using your mind?
At least yesterday was not the same.
Hopelessly faked into complete stall.
Nothing matters.
Nothing matters at all.
Love when cramped.
Cramped when im loved.
Forever destined to slowly plunge,
For now,
I put an end to you.

4. And the sad thing is...
Now i can see can see what you're doing to me.
And I'm begging me to stop this.
Now I can't see what you're doing to me;
What are you doing to me?
Daylight savings time couldn't save me from you.
angel in my mind: casual abuse.
and the sad thing is, you'll never know me.
(I can test you.  I can tell you're lying)