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Pregnant women and people with heart ailments should avoid this ride. Remember back at being a child at one of those Vonís parking lot carnivals, being strapped against the wall, side by side in a circle... They start spinning you around at speeds that are lethal on the highway, your face pinned to the matted wall behind you, out of the corner of your eye you can see the expressions on your pathetic comradesí faces across the sphere. Then the bottom drops out and your feet have nothing to touch for security and the patheticness turns to pure fear and the smell of vomit rises in the air. Just when you think youíre gonna pass out or cry or urinate yourself, the spinning slows to a stop, the floor returns and your released, smiling, grinning, stating to your friend, "Wanna go again?"

Thatís the feeling you might get when seeing The Icarus Line live. Itís powerful, savage, and abusive. Itís fucking scary. But there is a joy in being scared. Itís a rush, and when you get comfortable with it, you find itís niche, relate to itís void. The Icarus Lineís live show is like seeing Satan having a temper tantrum, but knowing heís not mad at you, thus enabling you to enjoy the carnage. Joe Cardemoneís thundering vocals can cut through glass smoother than a Ginzu knife, while Aaron and Alvinsís guitars aesthetically antagonize the listener like nobody since Greg Ginn did when Black Flag was hunting people down in the early eighties.

In just one year of existence, Los Angeles, CAís, The Icarus Line have a half a dozen tours under their belt, covering most of the US, and solidifying a strong following up and down the west coast. You can find their first 7" in the Hellcat catalogue, and their recent EPCD (also available on 7" from slowgun records) on New American Dream (Discount, Ink and Dagger, etc). They will not go quietly.

-Bio Provided by Blaze James